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All the knowledge we have today was once considered a theory. Don’t stop looking for the answers to life, you might just be the one who changes the world

A nice motivational quote from Steven Aitchison

Shrug off the no’s – they are temporary. This is your world. In your world there is only yes.

A nice motivational quote from Jolene Stockman

There is no point to samba if it doesn’t make you smile.

A nice happiness quote from Alma Guillermoprieto – Proverbes Happiness

When you see that many people with a smile on their face, then you must be doing something right.

A nice happiness quote from Greg Norman – Proverbes Happiness

One study found that people who smile in childhood photographs are less likely to get a divorce.

A nice happiness quote from Jenna McCarthy – Proverbes Happiness

I’m so glad cities have personalities, just like people have personalities. That’s something that makes me smile.

A nice happiness quote from Fred Armisen – Proverbes Happiness

I try to make people smile and dance, not think about things or educate them.

A nice happiness quote from Norman Cook – Proverbes Happiness

I will sit in the car on the way to a meeting and just smile. I really mean that. It helps you get through life. If you have nothing to say, smile. Look up at the sky and smile. Just be grateful.

A nice happiness quote from Andre Leon Talley – Proverbes Happiness

I travel around the world, experiencing every language, every religion… some places where there’s just no reason to smile, because their lives are so difficult.

A nice happiness quote from Lionel Richie – Proverbes Happiness

Augustus,” I said. “Really. You don’t have to do this.””Sure I do,” he said. “I found my Wish.””God, you’re the best,” I told him.”I bet you say that to all the boys who finance your international travel,” he answered.

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I’ve still got a small fitness and conditioning business where I travel round the world doing stuff for individuals and corporations, mainly fitness training.

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On the tennis court, one needs a cool temperament, tremendous ball sense, reflexes, speed, hand-eye co-ordination, power, timing and peak physical fitness. Off the court, the player and support team need skills in planning, execution, travel, an ability to raise funds when needed, and several other talents.

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